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Often when people discover I’m a counselor, they will lightheartedly remark “I will have to watch what I say!” My usual response is to smile or offer some reassurance as I know this comment is just a conversation starter. Reluctantly, it may also reveal a theme of wariness when it comes to counselors as if we might attack unsuspecting pedestrians with a counseling session! This wariness can be a lot to overcome.

A trained counselor often acts like a guide-- or a signpost directing us off the highway to a scenic view. The view may be of a beautiful snow capped mountain or a lush river valley; however, it’s a view we could have never seen from the road!

While it is true some people come to counseling in the midst of crisis, many others come to discuss life circumstances almost all of us will face sooner or later. In most cases,  entering therapy is not a matter of life or death but it can have bearing on the kind of life we live, the health of our marriage and relationships, and the meaning we get from work. A skilled counselor usually doesn’t offer advice—after all your friends & family members give that for free! However, professional & confidential guidance offers a better alternative-- one that can have a lasting impact on how you live.

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